The Tools we use


We use the latest open source technologies, but are not limited by them. When we're building apps for Kogo, we use the latest tools so we can grow our skill set and stay up to date with current best practices. When we work for clients we recommend current best practices, but if they have existing technologies that cannot be replaced we'll use those instead.

Our Objectives

Develop our talents and serve those in need

Kogo develops talent and facilitates a playground where we can grow our skill set as a team. This team (the Kogo Team) is up for hire to any company needing to quickly turn a vision into reality.

Business model

We alternate between building, imagining, and creating software. When we're contracted to do so, we're focused on the objectives of other companies. When we're not working for other companies, we build apps that make the world a better place.

Open source projects

We have several open source projects that we maintain and have published for the community. Check them out on Github.

Connect with us

If you represent a company and would like to connect, or if you're a ninja looking to join us: fill out our secure contact form and we'll reach out to you as soon as we can.

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